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Hi everyone!

My name’s Filippo Barbari, or Ledmington on GitHub (don’t forget the capital L), but you may have already guessed it since you’re on this page.

I love Computer Science and, in particular, I love reinventing the wheel: whenever I need some specific feature, I prefer to implement it from scratch rather than using someone else’s code. This is the perfect method to deeply understand a new concept but is also a very very slow and unproductive way to work.

What is this blog about?

I decided to start this blog to have a place where I can write some of the ideas that always run around my mind. Be prepared for some really technical posts about algorithms implementations but also for highly abstract dissertations about … idk, the we-live-in-a-simulation thing, just to name one.

The main topics of this blog:

  • algorithms, because they are fun
  • data structures, because I don’t want to leave algorithms alone
  • parallelism, because I like seeing the 100% usage in the task manager
  • esoteric programming languages, because they are creative
  • my thoughts about everything, because this is my website

Some trivia about me

I am a backend type of guy. The only UIs I like are the CLIs and the ones with lots of configurations.

I prefer and use tabs. Because there’s no reason other than “reducing file size” to use spaces.

I absolutely hate the curly brackets on the next line of a class declaration or a loop.

I like curly brackets instead of significant indentation.

Best programming language? C.

Best data structure? Trie.

Best algorithm? BFS.

Best library/framework? CUDA.

Best CLI? Docker (and PyTest is second).

Best GUI? Intellij IDEA.


Last but not least, I want to thank Sujay Kundu for developing and maintaining devlopr, an amazing theme for the static site generator jekyll.

About Filippo Barbari

HPC Technology Specialist @ CINECA, Italy. Algorithms and Data Structures enthusiast. I love esoteric languages, board games and parallel simulations.

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